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Violin Memory IPO

violin memory ipoThe Violin Memory IPO may be the one of the first upcoming IPOs for the first or second quarter of 2012.  In addition to mentioning a Violin Memory IPO the CEO also said there may be an acquisition or two in the works.

The company makes all flash memory storage units for data storage and competes with a company whose CEO now heads Violin.  The flash storage world is hot right now, as far as tech investments go, so the news of the Violin Memory IPO is exciting to those working in the industry and those who watch and analyze upcoming IPOs.

There are many well-funded startup companies in the flash memory business.  Each has its own flash memory system, all of which are beginning to rival actual hard disk drives for computers.  Violin Memory usually sells high end computer gear to high-end customers.

What looks good for the Violin Memory IPO is the mere fact that the company has taken in millions in capital this year, and it’s projected that they will double their revenue in 2012.  And if the Violin Memory IPO is successful, well that’s must money for this company.


Zillow IPO

Zillow IPOInternet company IPOs are all the rage this year, but the details of the upcoming Zillow IPO, announced this week, make for a small beginning.  The online real-estate company set modest goals for its upcoming IPO when compared to the likes of LinkedIn, Groupon and Facebook.  The expect to sell around $51 million in stock and have applied to be listed on the NASDAQ.   They make money by selling contracts to local real estate agents, clicks, and banner advertisements.

When a company files for an upcoming IPO, it has to estimate how much will be made in the IPO in order to calculate fees owed to the SEC.  The Zillow IPO lays out a plan to sell about three and a half million shares.  Often with an upcoming IPO filing, a company will also specify what the capital they raise by selling stock will be used for.  The details of the Zillow IPO, however, did not say anything other than the money will be used for general purposes related to the corporation.


Avaya IPO

Avaya IPONew Jersey-based business communications giant Avaya plans to go public again.  Company managers hope the extra capital will help the company grow and stay robust without hampering its ability to act on innovative new ideas.  The Avaya IPO involves $1 billion in common stock, which will greatly improve their ability to spur growth.

The Avaya IPO of $1 billion represents about a fifth of the company.  Financial officers plan to use the capital raised to pay down some long term debt.  The increased availability of cash will also go towards allowing the company to do more innovative things with their business, having the funds to act on new ideas.  This is a very positive way to look at going public, rather than the common view that having to answer to Wall Street means being bound by new regulations which could stifle the company’s ability to act on innovation.


HomeAway IPO

homeaway ipoHomeAway is the world’s largest online network of websites that cater to those who want to rent a vacation home.  In a statement issued this week regarding their upcoming IPO,  the company announced that they will set the IPO price anywhere between $24 and $27 per share.

HomeAway would then be worth $2 billion, and they could raise up to $248 million in the offering.  The HomeAway IPO is set to occur during the week of June 27, 2011.

HomeAway will be listed on the NASDAW with a stock symbol of AWAY.  They are based in Austin, Texas and will be offering 8 million shares in their initial public offering this month.

HomeAway’s competitors are other online vacation booking websites like Priceline, Kayak, and Expedia.  These other sites are expanding their services to cover HomeAway’s territory, which is vacation rentals.

There have been several internet company IPOs recently, and the demand for such is strong.  The Pandora IPO, the LinkedIn IPO and several upcoming IPOs in the web business such as Facebook are all grabbing lots of media attention.